Understanding Music Production 

 At Shockwave Studios our aim is to help musicians and vocal artist, we do this by starting at the pre-planning stage where we take the time to listen to your ideas and prepare the foundation of the project before getting started with recording and production. However we understand that some artist know when they are ready to start their recording session and a brief discussion is enough to get things rolling so we do our best to accommodate and treat each project individually. 

 Here's the deal  

Should you choose us for your production we will help you to prepare by going over details of what your trying to achieve so that we can put a strategy together that works for you, for example, depending on what stage you are at when you bring your music ideas into the studio is where we can start to work with you to get you ready for actual production.

Giving Musicians More Options 

As a production team we work closely together and discuss what inspires music enthusiast so we wanted to give musicians more options after carefully listening to some of the things you guys where requesting  when visiting the  recording studios. We understand that as creative people you need a lot to work with when trying different ideas at the studio and as music production is our speciality, that is exactly what we aim to give you when you visit our studio.
 We continue to work with our customers with  our production team taking the time to assess your needs with the aim of having something for everybody choosing to use our studios.
 New Features 

  •  Expansion of our range of guitar amps and plugin library 
  • Selection of microphone modelling for guitar cabinets
  • New step sequencing option for drums and rhythms sections
  • New music libraries with over 20, 000 new sound and roughly 200 gigabits of instrument and effects to add to our already extensive collection at our studios.