Mixing Services

Compression| Delay EQ | Gain | Gate| Reverb | Saturation 

When you book us for your mixing session the first thing our team does is take the time to listen to your music and decide what your mix needs to help the song sound really good. 

We then selected from a wide selection of specialised mixing effect processing to use to shape the final sound of your song.

Finishing Mixes

Before the project's are complete we will arrange a time with you to come into the studio and listen to the mix/es or alternatively post a private preview on SoundCloud for you to preview and decide if the song/s have been mixed to your taste. We will then proceed with the final stages before releasing the finished song/s back to you and or your management team.

Production Team

Our music production team have a wealth of experience mixing music that expands over ten years. With a vast understanding of dynamic processes to complete your music projects professionally.
 Mixing Examples

Coming Soon.
We've included some example mixes highlighting music projects both before and after mixing.


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