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 Mixing Services 

  Production team  

Our music production team has a wealth of experience in editing, arranging and mixing music, spanning over a decade. We have a vast understanding of the creative process in which it takes to finish pro sounding mixes across many music styles and to deliver professionally produced songs.

  Finishing mixes  

When we've completed the projects, we'll schedule a day for you to come into the studio or arrange a private preview online for you to listen to the finished song/s. When your satisfied with the results you can choose to go ahead with our professional mastering services or finish and collect your final mix.

  Compression| Delay | EQ | Gain | Gate| Reverb | Saturation  

 Mixing examples 


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Choose between one of our special offer package deals, we have offered this deals to customers who are working with project budgets instead of booking hourly studio time. (see terms below).