Music Production 

The Creative Process

Words from our mixing engineer 

When I take a music project for mixing, The first thing that is important to my work approach, is to gain a strong understanding of what the vision of the artist/s are, this is so that I can get a clear image in my mind of where the music project is heading creatively.

When working on the mixes I use a number of mixing tools at my disposal from eq'ing and compressing to balance the loud and quiet areas within each recording, often using gain staging parameters to prepare the track stems before moving on to other effects processes.

Buses, VCA faders and panning are also necessary for helping to create space for professional sounding mixes, so I will carefully select these specialised support tools to further improve the feeling of the music when needed.

I always take the time to listen to songs, envisioning how others who will be following the music will feel about the music when they listen to the song. As I feel it is so important to think about the artists fans and music enthusiasts listening to songs. Lastly working with the team who have been involved in the creative process drives the passion to challenge how far we can push the music to create a better listening  experience for those buying or streaming artist music.

The art of mixing each individual song is a unique process in it own respects. So in certain mixing scenarios I will use loudness meter monitoring effects plugins, however the trick is to still keep track of master bus meters on our outboard mixer as it translates frequency of music at the monitoring stage within the  sound systems being use for playback whilst mixing. This helps add a sense of warmth and clarity in the music and is what most artists look for in a good mix. 

Better Solutions For Your Music

Here's the Thing
When you choose us for your music productions, we will help you to prepare your projects by going through what your objectives are and what you would like to achieve in your music. This is so we can put a strategy together that we can work alongside you with, helping you to reach the end go of creating your music. We understand that music can go through phases just like artists do. however we also keep in mind that artist's have budgets and deadlines to meet.

We work with artists at all stages from beginners to advanced, all we ask is when bringing your music ideas, that your ready to get to work and enjoy making music. We will support you throughout your time working with us to complete your goals in your recording sessions.

Giving Musicians More Options
As a production team we work closely together and discuss what inspires music enthusiast so we wanted to give musicians more options. After listening to some of the things you guys where requesting  when visiting the  recording studios. We understand that as creative people you need a lot to work with when trying different ideas at the studio and as music production is our speciality, that is exactly what we aim to give you when you visit our studio. 

New Features
  •  Expansion of our range of guitar amps and plugin library 
  • Selection of microphone modelling for guitar cabinets
  • New step sequencing option for drums and rhythms sections
  • New music libraries with over 500, 000 new sounds, 200 gigabits of virtual instruments and effects added to our existing collection.

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