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 Music Production 

 Words from our team 

When we take on a music project for mixing, The first thing that is important to our work approach, is to gain  awareness and understanding for the vision of the artist/s. We need to paint a clear image in our minds of where the music project is heading creatively.

When working on the mixes we use a lot of different mixing tools and processes to shape the sound of individual tracks in the arrangement, so it's important to get to grips with where the music is heading so that we can narrow down the specifics quickly and efficiently. 
We always take the time to listen to songs, envisioning how other listener's will receive the song/s. And we always aim to push the music as far as our imagination can take us for a better listening experience for our clients and the people who purchase or streaming their music.

The art of mixing each individual song is a unique process in it own respects. So in the mixing scenarios we will use loudness meter monitoring effects plugins, however the trick is to still keep track of master bus meters on our outboard mixer (and use our ears) as it translates to output level and clipping in the audio at the monitoring stage. This helps us to keep track of the song so that we can capture feeling and clarity in the music as we believe this is what most artists look for in a good mix. 

 More options 

We understand that as a creative person, you sometimes need more time to work out your ideas at the studio. We suggest, that should you need creative space away from home, that you book some rehearsal sessions before the recording day.