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 Covid 19 Pandemic 

 News Update:5th November' 2020
  • Unfortunately due to new restrictions set forth by the government, we will be suspending recording services at our studios until further information is  released for businesses to resume working with clients in workplace environments.  
 News Update:26th November'2020
  • We just received news that lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, and in response we are reopening recording studio 2. New customers and existing clients will be able to book studio time from Wednesday the 2nd' December 2020. Additional measures are being taken to support social distancing whilst entering our recording studio spaces. clients will be required to stay within designated space when entering the studio room, all other guidance remains the same. 
 Guidelines to follow at our Studios Facility:
  1. Washing hands at wash area or use of hand sanitiser at hand station.
  2. A distance of two meters must be maintained between staff and our client when in the recording environment.
  3. As stated above, due to social distancing measures, all recording sessions will be on a one to one basis. 
  4. We have implemented the side by side/back to back work placement procedure implemented into workplace practices.
  5. Our engineer will be using remote recording equipment to help maintain a social distance of at least two meters, please do not touch or try to adjust microphone stands, our engineer will make any adjustments necessary in the recording session.
  6. At this time we are asking clients to try and bring their own headphones for their recording sessions where possible or record without the use of headphones. 
  7.  Water will be placed on the table outside of the recording studio space at the allocated area for clients, should they need to refresh. 
 Note: that our recording studio environments and communal areas are cleaned, sprayed down using cleaning materials,   air sprays and re-ventilated between sessions.

 The music studios 

Shockwave Studios is a record studio situated in the area of Haringey North London. Our objective is to deliver music production services to indie artists, label artist's and businesses .

We provide digital recording studio services (mixing in the box), meaning we record and produce music using professional software platforms such as Logic X and Pro Tools as our workstations at our studios - when working on music and audio projects. We also have iOS based solutions, including Cubasis 2 by Steinberg, to work with client's who use Cubase.  This helps us to support quick project transfers between sessions with clients and businesses who prefer these solutions for their projects. 

See below for a list of our solutions. 

 We provide a creative hub for: 

  • Musicians.
  • Music producers (Creative).
  • Recording Teams (Dry Hire).
  • Rehearsal Sessions.
  • Singer & songwriters. 
  • Voice artists.
Our creative spaces includes rooms for one to one recording sessions.

 Music  services 

 Music Services Include: 
  • Arranging & editing.
  • Creative development. 
  • Instrument recording sessions.
  • Recording sessions.
  • Rehearsals.
  • Mixing services.
  • Mastering services.
  • Music publishing.
  • Project file submission and transfers. 

You may book studio time with or without our engineers. We will be on point to assist if required.

 Production line 

  • Workstations: Logic X, Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason, Komplete Kontrol, Maschine 2 and Komplete 12.
  • iOS Production Line: iMaschine 2, Cubasis 2 and Korg Module Pro.
  • Remix tools include: Denon MCX8000, Serato DDJ - SB2, Traktor Pro.
  • Instruments include: Yamaha Digital Piano, Komplete 49, M- Audio Code 25, Maschine Mk3, Electric Guitar. Vocal & Instrument Microphones.

  • The studios also offers a range of third party production tools for creative use.


 Online services 

We now offer online services, which means you can  send us your recorded music projects to be professionally mixed  and mastered online.  

Click Here


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 Studio booking available for hire 

       Special Offer: One extra hour free. 20% off
  •  Studio available to hire for £120 per session. 
  •  Music producers and other creatives looking for creative space. 
  •  Without engineer or music production team.
  • 5 hour studio slots. (usually 4 hour).
  • 10.00am - 14.00pm  14.00pm -18.00pm (Monday - Saturday).
  • Terms apply. ( See terms below). 
  • Also call our studio team for hourly rates and availability.
  • Book Now.